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CONCURRENCY is a moderated email forum focusing on concurrent process theory, especially operational and abstract semantics, specification, and verification of: concurrent, distributed, reactive, real-time and hybrid systems. Typical topics include:

CSP, CCS, Petri Nets, ACP, mCRL, Dataflow, Trace theory, Pomset processes, Event structures, Pi-calculus, Concurrent proof nets and Linear Logic, Resumption semantics, I/O automata, Linear and Branching Temporal Logic, Fairness, Liveness, Safety, Real-Time, Hybrid and Probabilistic concurrent processes.

Comments and criticisms of results in the literature, open problems, and research queries, are encouraged. Announcements of meetings and publications, and abstracts of papers, are also welcome.

Messages must be concise, written in English, in plain text format (no postscript or latex) and self contained. Messages may contain pointers to web pages or ftp sites as a source of extra information. Messages are forwarded in a batchwise manner, approximately once a week.

The CONCURRENCY forum was founded by Albert Meyer (MIT) and has been maintained by Frits Vaandrager until the end of 1997. The current moderator is Jan Friso Groote being assisted by Bert Lisser, both at CWI in Amsterdam.

The concurrency forum has a subscription list of about 750, including approximately 25 subsidiary lists.

A hypermail archive of the CONCURRENCY mailing list, containing the messages sent in the years between 1988 and 2002, is maintained by Martin Leucker at the RWTH Aachen.

The messages sent since the year 2003 will be archived in a hypermail archive which is maintained by Bert Lisser.

In addition, a UNIX Mail Archive is available at the CWI:

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