Ignacio Cascudo*

Cryptology Group

CWI Amsterdam

Contact Starting July 2010, I am a Scientific Staff Member (postdoc) at the Cryptology Group (PNA5) of the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the national research center for mathematics and computer science in the Netherlands.

*Name: My full name is Ignacio Cascudo Pueyo. As Spaniard, I have two surnames, Cascudo coming from my father and Pueyo from my mother. Cascudo is therefore a surname and not a middle name, and I actually don't have a middle name. I have started to ignore the second surname now, since it basically leads to confusion to many non-Hispanic people. More information on the ''exciting'' ;) topic of Spanish surnames.
Also a common nickname for Ignacio in Spain is "Nacho".
Publications :

Ignacio Cascudo, Ronald Cramer and Chaoping Xing: Torsion Limits and Riemann-Roch Systems for Function Fields and Applications. Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. Preprint in arXiv

Ignacio Cascudo, Ronald Cramer, Chaoping Xing: Bounds on the Threshold Gap in Secret Sharing and its Applications., IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Volume: 59 (2013), Issue: 9, Pages: 5600 - 5612. DOI:10.1109/TIT.2013.2264504. Eprint version.

Ignacio Cascudo, Ronald Cramer, Chaoping Xing: The Arithmetic Codex (lecture notes of an invited talk). IEEE Information Theory Workshop (ITW) 2012, pp. 75 - 79, IEEE, 2012. Corrected version in the eprint

Ignacio Cascudo, Ronald Cramer, Chaoping Xing and An Yang: Asymptotic Bound for Multiplication Complexity in the Extensions of Small Finite Fields. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, Volume: 58 (2012), Issue: 7, Pages: 4930 - 4935. DOI:10.1109/TIT.2011.2180696.

Ignacio Cascudo, Ronald Cramer and Chaoping Xing: The Torsion-Limit for Algebraic Function Fields and Its Application to Arithmetic Secret Sharing. Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2011, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2011, Volume 6841/2011, 685-705, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-22792-9_39
You can watch here a video of my presentation talk at CRYPTO 2011 (Youtube).

Ignacio Cascudo, Hao Chen, Ronald Cramer and Chaoping Xing: Asymptotically Good Ideal Linear Secret Sharing with Strong Multiplication over Any Fixed Finite Field Advances in Cryptology - CRYPTO 2009, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2009, Volume 5677/2009, 466-486

Hao Chen, Ronald Cramer, Robbert de Haan, Ignacio Cascudo: Strongly Multiplicative Ramp Schemes from High Degree Rational Points on Curves. Advances in Cryptology - EUROCRYPT 2008 Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2008, Volume 4965/2008, 451-470

Preprints (list not complete):

Ignacio Cascudo, Ronald Cramer, Diego Mirandola, Carles Padro and Chaoping Xing: On secret sharing with nonlinear product reconstruction.

I was a scientific organizer of a two-week Workshop on Information Theoretic Cryptography at the Lorentz Center (Leiden University) in May 2013.

Together with Alp Bassa and Ronald Cramer I organized a Workshop on Crypto, Coding and Geometry which took place in the CWI on November 18-19, 2010.

I coorganize the RISC seminar of our group. Please look at the link to find out how to suscribe to the mailing list.

Participation in committees: I am in the Program Committee of ICITS 2013 to be held in Singapore, November 28-30, 2013. The submission deadlines have already passed.

Other Recent Events(selected):

I participated in the SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry, Colorado State University, August 2013.

I participated in the workshop Towers of function fields, Istanbul, February 2012.

I participated in the Workshop "Mathematics of Information-Theoretic Cryptography", in the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics in UCLA, February 28 - March 4, 2011.

Teaching: I taught in the course Cryptology in the Dutch national master program Mastermath (Fall 2012).

(Slightly more) Fun stuff:

I played a small stunt in a short movie titled the Cat (although you won't see my face) directed by my friend Giannicola Scarpa. The movie competed in the Quantum Shorts Film Competition organized by CQT, National University of Singapore. Although it didn't win a prize, it ended second in the Popular Choice award .

I used to play chess at a strong club player level. I had a 2100+ FIDE Elo Rating when I ''retired''.

I participated in the International Mathematical Olympiad in 2001 (Washington, USA).