Fish List

Here is an imperfect list of fish names: we would do better just using the Latin names for them, since that's the only way to know if they are really the same fish. Dictionary writers aren't fish experts and often give the wrong translation (if there is one given at all). In addition, the fish species vary from place to place. Anyway, I have tried to find some equivalent (or near-equivalent) names for some fish in four languages (of the places I've lived). They are grouped into categories with their relatives, and usually you can cook these fish in a similar way. This is helpful, since you can't often find recipes for that extremely fresh fish they had available today in the market.

I am sure many of the translations are still wrong, no matter how hard I tried to get them right. Corrections are welcome!

Fish (English) Vis (Nederlands) Pescado (Español) Poisson (Français)
anchovy ansjovis boquerón, anchoa anchois
sardine sardine sardina sardine
mackerel makreel caballa maquereau
bonito echte bonito bonito bonite
tunny, tuna tonijn atún thon blanc
albacore   albacora thon blanc, germon
yellowfin tuna     albacore
bluefin tuna    bonito thon rouge
amberjack   pez de limón sériole
pompano gewone pompano palometa blanca  
smelt spiering   eperlan
sprat sprot espadin brisling, sprat, esprot
herring haring arenque hareng
whitebait zeebliek chanquete goujon
Bream or Porgy
gilt-head   dorada dorade royale, daurade royale
red bream rode brasem? besugo béryx commun, béryx rouge
dentex   dentón denté, denti
redfish blauwrugzalm   sébaste
scorpion fish schorpioenvis cabracho, rascacio rascasse
pomfret, Ray's bream braam palometa negra grande castagnole, brème de mer
sea bream, porgy zeebrasem   dorade, daurade
Couch's sea bream, porgy     pagre
Seabass family
seabass zeebaars lubina loup de mer (Mediterranean), bar (Atlantic)
meagre, croaker ombervis corvina  
grouper, sea perch tandbaars, zaagbaars, nijlbaars mero mérou
red snapper rode snapper huachinango vivaneau
red mullet mul salmonete rouget-barbet
grey mullet harder lisa mulet, muges
Flat fish
turbot tarbot rodaballo turbot
whiff, megrim bot gallo  
halibut heilbot hipogloso flétan
brill griet rombo, rémol barbue
plaice schol solla plie
flounder bot platija flet
sole tong lenguado sole
angler, monkfish zeeduivel rape lotte
John Dory zonnevis pez de San Pedro, gallo Saint Pierre
dab schar   limande
skate, ray rog raya raie
Hake and its relatives
hake heek merluza merlu, colin
cod kabeljauw bacalao cabillaud, morue
saltcod stokvis, zoutvis bacalao morue salée
haddock schelvis eglefino haddock, églefin
whiting wijting merlán merlan
pollack koolvis carbonero o fogonero lieu noir, colin noir
ling leng maruca lingue
Freshwater fish
pike snoek lucio brochet
perch baars perca perche
trout forel trucha truite
carp karper carpa carpe
eel paling anguila anguille
salmon zalm salmón saumon
pike perch (zander) snoekbaars   sandre
salmon trout zalmforel trucha asalmonada truite saumonée
Other fish
gurnard, tubfish rode poon perlón, rubio grondin
weever pieterman   vive
catfish meerval pez gato poisson chat
dogfish hondshaai/doornvis pez perro roussette
swordfish zwaardvis pez espada espadon
louvar   emperador  
sailfish   pez vela  
Smoked fish
smoked gerookte ahumado fumé
buckling (smoked herring) bokking   hareng fumé
kipper gerookte haring    
roe kuit hueva oeuf de poisson
caviar kaviaar caviar caviar
salmon roe zalmkuit hueva de salmón Oeuf de saumon
jumbo shrimp, prawn steurgarnaal langostino  
shrimp garnaal gamba crevette
langoustine langostine cigala langoustine
lobster kreeft bogavante homard
rock lobster langoest langosta langouste
crab krab cangrejo crabe
freshwater crayfish rivierkreeft cangrejo de río écrevisse
oyster oester ostra huître
clam schelp almeja clovisse
cockle kokkel berberecho coque
mussel mossel mejillón moule
venus shell venusschelp concha fina  
wedge shell   coquina olive de mer, haricot-de-mer, flion, vanneau
razor-shell, razor clam messchede, mes heft, zwaardschede navaja couteaux
scallop Sint-Jacobsschelp vieira coquille St.Jacques
winkle alikruik bígaro bigorneau
whelk wulk caracola buccin
sea urchin zeeëgel erizo de mar oursin
squid pijlinktvis calamar calmar
tiny squid kleine pijlinktvis chipirón, chopito  
cuttlefish inktvis, sepia jibia, sepia seiche
octopus octopus pulpo poulpe, pieuvre
snail slak caracol escargot

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