Asahi Top Eight Tournament

In 1975/1976 the Asahi Shimbun newspaper organized a Top Eight Tournament (八強争覇戦). It was won by Cho Chikun. Below the tournament scheme, and six of the games.


Round 1 Semi-finals Final
Cho Chikun  
Hashimoto Utarosgf  
Rin Kaiho
Cho Chikunsgf  
Rin Kaiho
Otake Hideo
Cho Chikun2-1
Fujisawa Shuko 1 2 3
Ishida Yoshio  
Fujisawa Shukosgf  
Hashimoto Shoji
Fujisawa Shuko
Hashimoto Shoji
Sakata EioB+7.5

The first two rounds were knockout rounds. For these rounds, where this information is known, the upper player has Black, the lower White. The winner is indicated in bold. The final consisted of three games. Cho won 2-1.