Asian TV Cup

The Asian TV Cup is a knock out lightning go tournament. The seven participants are the winner and runner-up of each of the CCTV, NHK, and KBS tournaments from China, Japan, and Korea respectively, together with last year's winner (who is seeded into the semifinals). The time limits are 10 minutes and 30 seconds byo-yomi. The rules are those of the country being played in. In particular, komi is 6.5 in Japan and Korea, 7.5 in China (since 2002; until 2001 it was 5.5 everywhere).

# year place winner from runner-up from sgf
1 1989 JP Takemiya Masaki JP Kobayashi Satoru JP sgf
2 1990 JP Takemiya Masaki JP Lee Changho KR sgf
3 1991 KR Takemiya Masaki JP Cao Dayuan CN sgf
4 1992 JP Takemiya Masaki JP Cho Hunhyun KR sgf
5 1993 CN Yoda Norimoto JP Seo Bongsoo KR sgf
6 1994 KR Otake Hideo JP Qian Yuping CN sgf
7 1995 JP Lee Changho KR Cho Hunhyun KR sgf
8 1996 CN Lee Changho KR Yoo Changhyuk KR sgf
9 1997 KR Yu Bin CN O Rissei JP sgf
10 1998 JP Yoda Norimoto JP Ma Xiaochun CN sgf
11 1999 CN Yoda Norimoto JP Lee Changho KR sgf
12 2000 KR Cho Hunhyun KR Lee Changho KR sgf
13 2001 JP Cho Hunhyun KR Mok Jinseok KR sgf
14 2002 CN Lee Changho KR Cho Hunhyun KR sgf
15 2003 KR Zhou Heyang CN Mimura Tomoyasu JP sgf
16 2004 JP Yu Bin CN Song Taekon KR sgf
17 2005 CN Cho U JP Cho Hansung KR sgf
18 2006 KR Wang Xi CN Lee Changho KR sgf
19 2007 JP Lee Sedol KR Chen Yaoye CN sgf
20 2008 CN Lee Sedol KR Cho Hansung KR sgf
21 2009 KR Kong Jie CN Lee Sedol KR sgf
22 2010 JP Kong Jie CN Yuki Satoshi JP sgf
23 2011 CN Kong Jie CN Baek Hongsuk KR sgf
24 2012 KR Baek Hongsuk KR Kong Jie CN sgf
25 2013 JP Iyama Yuta JP Park Junghwan KR sgf
26 2014 CN Lee Sedol KR Kono Rin JP sgf
27 2015 KR Lee Sedol KR Park Junghwan KR sgf
28 2016 JP Li Qincheng CN Shin Jinseo KR sgf
29 2017 CN Na Hyun KR Lee Sedol KR sgf
30 2018 KR Kim Jiseok KR Na Hyun KR sgf
31 2019 JP Shin Jinseo KR Ding Hao CN sgf

Winners by Country: Japan - 10, Korea - 13, China - 8.
Runners-up by Country: Japan - 5, Korea - 20, China - 6.