Fujitsu Cup

The World Go Championship (世界囲碁選手権) Fujitsu Cup (富士通杯) is an international Go tournament held in 1988-2011. It was sponsored by Fujitsu and Yomiuri Shimbun.

The first year there were 16 players, and the last year there were 32. All other years there were 24 participants: the top 3 from last year, 7 players from Japan, 5 from China, 5 from South Korea, 1 from Taiwan, 1 from Europe, 1 from North America, and 1 from South America. In the 2nd-7th editions there were 4 participants from Korea, and 2 from Taiwan.

Participants are chosen via preliminaries in the various countries and continents. Of the 24 players, 8 get a bye in the first round. The format is a single knockout, under Japanese rules, with 5.5 komi (6.5 starting from the main tournament of the 16th edition). The time limit is 3h (but sometimes different for preliminaries and finals).

The Japanese Kisei, Meijin, and Honinbo are seeded.


The SGF of the final is given in the last column. The first column has links to the entire tournament.

# year winner runner-up sgf
1 1988 Takemiya Masaki JP Rin Kaiho JP sgf
2 1989 Takemiya Masaki JP Rin Kaiho JP sgf
3 1990 Rin Kaiho JP Nie Weiping CN sgf
4 1991 Cho Chikun JP Qian Yuping CN -
5 1992 Otake Hideo JP O Rissei JP sgf
6 1993 Yoo Changhyuk KR Cho Hunhyun KR sgf
7 1994 Cho Hunhyun KR Yoo Changhyuk KR sgf
8 1995 Ma Xiaochun CN Kobayashi Koichi JP sgf
9 1996 Lee Changho KR Ma Xiaochun CN sgf
10 1997 Kobayashi Koichi JP O Rissei JP sgf
11 1998 Lee Changho KR Chang Hao CN sgf
12 1999 Yoo Changhyuk CN Ma Xiaochun CN sgf
13 2000 Cho Hunhyun KR Chang Hao CN sgf
14 2001 Cho Hunhyun KR Choi Myunghun KR sgf
15 2002 Lee Sedol KR Yoo Changhyuk KR sgf
16 2003 Lee Sedol KR Song Taekon KR sgf
17 2004 Park Yeonghun KR Yoda Norimoto JP sgf
18 2005 Lee Sedol KR Choi Cheolhan KR sgf
19 2006 Park Jungsang KR Zhou Heyang CN sgf
20 2007 Park Yeonghun KR Lee Changho KR sgf
21 2008 Gu Li CN Lee Changho KR sgf
22 2009 Kang Dongyun KR Lee Changho KR sgf
23 2010 Kong Jie CN Lee Sedol KR sgf
24 2011 Park Junghwan KR Qiu Jun CN sgf