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7th Honinbo title


The finals of the (only) preliminary were won by Segawa Yoshio, Tainaka Shin, Takagawa Kaku, and Miyashita Shuyo.


In the first column the white player, on the top row the black player.

# player result 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1. Kitani Minoru 4-2 B+2.5 B+7.5 W+3.5
2. Takagawa Kaku 4-2 B+R B+R W+R
3. Sakata Eio 4-2 B+R B+0.5 W+R
4. Miyashita Shuyo 4-2 B+R B+R W+R
5. Tainaka Shin 4-2 B+R B+3.5 W+7.5
6. Hasegawa Akira 1-5 B+R B+R W+5.5
7. Segawa Yoshio 0-6 B+0.5 B+R B+R

Challenger Playoff

The League ended in an unfortunate result: five players scored four wins. A small knockout tournament decided on the challenger, and two additional games on the demotion.

League Playoff
Tainaka Shin Takagawa Kaku
Takagawa Kaku
Takagawa Kaku
Miyashita Shuyo Sakata Eio
Sakata Eio Sakata Eio
Kitani Minoru

Demotion Playoff

date black white result #mv sgf
1952-11-19,20 Miyashita Shuyo Tainaka Shin B+2.5 234 sgf
1952-12-03,04 Tainaka Shin Kitani Minoru W+R 158 sgf

7th Honinbo Title

date black white result #mv sgf
1952-06-25,26 Takagawa Kaku Hashimoto Utaro W+R 208 sgf
1952-07-09,10 Hashimoto Utaro Takagawa Kaku W+8.5 244 sgf
1952-07-23,24 Takagawa Kaku Hashimoto Utaro B+R 223 sgf
1952-08-06,07 Hashimoto Utaro Takagawa Kaku W+3.5 235 sgf
1952-08-20,21 Takagawa Kaku Hashimoto Utaro B+R 169 sgf

Takagawa Kaku won 4-1.

As Honinbo, Takagawa took the name Honinbo Shukaku.