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5th Ing Cup - 2004

Below the 30 games from the 5th Ing Cup are given. The first three rounds were held on 2004-04-20, 22, 24, the semi-finals on 2004-09-06, 08, 10, and the final on 2004-12-26, 28, 2005-03-03, 05.


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Semi-finals Final
Kong Jie Kong Jie
Lee Sedolsgf Rin Kaihosgf  
Kong Jie
  Chang Haosgf  
Yoo Changhyuk Chang Hao
Liu Xingsgf Yoo Changhyuksgf  
Chang Hao2-1 
  Song Taekon1 2 3  
Zhou Junxun O Meien
Alexander Dinerchteinsgf Zhou Junxunsgf  
O Meien
  Song Taekonsgf  
Cho U Yu Bin
Song Taekonsgf Song Taekonsgf  
Chang Hao3-1 
  Choi Cheolhan1 2 3 4
Choi Cheolhan Choi Cheolhan
Hane Naokisgf Ma Xiaochunsgf  
Choi Cheolhan
  Lee Changhosgf  
Gu Li Yamashita Keigo
Yamashita Keigosgf Lee Changhosgf  
Choi Cheolhan2-1 
  Peng Quan1 2 3  
Jimmy Cha Otake Hideo
Zhou Heyangsgf Zhou Heyangsgf  
Zhou Heyang
  Peng Quansgf  
Peng Quan Peng Quan
O Risseisgf Yoda Norimotosgf  

Rounds 1, 2 and 3 are knockout rounds. For these rounds, the upper player has Black, the lower White. The winner is indicated in bold. The semifinals are matches over (at most) 3 games, the final over (at most) 5 games.

Of the 24 players, 8 got a bye and started in Round 2. (Their names are given in purple.)