Igo Masters Cup

The Igo Masters Cup (大師杯, マスターズカップ, Go Master's Cup) is a yearly knockout tournament open to players who are at least 50 years old, and are present or past winner of one of the Top 7 titles.

The first year there were 11 participants. Subsequent years the number of participants was increased to 16 by a preliminary Qualifier round.

Komi is 6.5. Time limit 1h. Details for the separate years are given via the links in the first column below.

# year winner
1 2011 Cho Chikun
2 2012 O Meien
3 2013 Kobayashi Satoru
4 2014 Cho Chikun
5 2015 Cho Chikun
6 2016 Kobayashi Koichi
7 2017 Kobayashi Satoru
8 2018 Yoda Norimoto
9 2019 Cho Chikun