Three old men vs the Nagoya amigos

Three old men, namely Michael Redmond (9p, *1963), Ogata Masaki (9p, *1964), and Ishida Atsushi (9p, *1969), play a 9-game match against five opponents from Nagoya, namely Miyagawa Fumihiko (8p, *1972), Shimojima Yohei (8p, *1978), Yamamori Tadanao (7p, *1981), Osawa Kenro (3p, *1986), and Terada Shuta (1p, *1997).

Time allowance is 10s/move.

date black white result #mv sgf
2020-06-07 Ogata Masaki Terada Shuta B+11.5 259 sgf
2020-06-07 Ishida Atsushi Yamamori Tadanao B+1.5 272 sgf
2020-06-07 Shimojima Yohei Michael Redmond W+12.5 295 sgf
2020-06-07 Michael Redmond Yamamori Tadanao B+1.5 251 sgf
2020-06-07 Osawa Kenro Ogata Masaki W+7.5 316 sgf
2020-06-07 Ishida Atsushi Miyagawa Fumihiko B+T 77 sgf
2020-06-07 Ogata Masaki Miyagawa Fumihiko W+9.5 215 sgf
2020-06-07 Ishida Atsushi Terada Shuta B+16.5 234 sgf
2020-06-07 Osawa Kenro Michael Redmond B+T 97 sgf

The result was 7 - 2 for the old men. According to the rules of this match, resigning was not allowed, and the winning team was the team with the largest total number of points. Winning on time counted for a win by 19 points. The old men won by 70 - 28.5.

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