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1st Old Meijin title

The first 14 years (1962-1975) the Meijin Title was sponsored by the Yomiuri newspaper. This period is known as "Old Meijin" or "Meijin (Yomiuri)". In 1976 the Asahi newspaper took over, and a new numbering started from 1.


In 1962 the Meijin tournament, sponsored by the Yomiuri newspaper, started with a full 13-player tournament, 78 games. It was won by Fujisawa Hideyuki (Fujisawa Shuko).

Results (in the first column the white player, on the top row the black player):

# player result 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
1. Fujisawa Hideyuki (Shuko) 9 W+R W+R B+1 B+R B+R W+R
2. Go Seigen 9− B+R B+7 W+7 W+0 W+R B+4
3. Iwata Tatsuaki (Masao) 4 B+R W+5 B+R B+4 B+2 W+R
4. Fujisawa Hosai 6 B+2 B+5 W+7 B+R B+R B+R
5. Miyashita Shuyo 5 B+R B+R W+R W+1 W+1 B+R
6. Hashimoto Utaro 3 B+7 W+2 B+1 B+R B+7 B+3
7. Handa Dogen 7 B+R B+7 B+R W+6 B+R W+R
8. Sakata Eio 8 B+R W+R W+R B+3 W+R W+6
9. Kitani Minoru 7 B+R W+8 W+R W+2 B+6 B+2
10. Sugiuchi Masao 5 B+R W+2 B+1 B+R B+R B+R
11. Hashimoto Shoji 7 B+9 B+R W+R B+R B+3 W+1
12. Shimamura Toshihiro 5 B+3 B+1 W+R B+1 B+3 B+3
13. Takagawa Kaku (Shukaku) 3 B+R B+R B+R B+R B+R W+R

The tournament rules made jigo a win for white, but one that counted less heavily than a full win. And so it happened that Fujisawa Shuko won the tournament when the final game between Go Seigen and Sakata Eio ended in jigo. Any other outcome of that game would have made a playoff between numbers 1 and 2 necessary.

1st Old Meijin Title

Fujisawa Hideyuki won the 1st Old Meijin Title with 9-3.