Over 40 Go Tournament

The "Over 40" hayago tournament is open to go players 40 years or older. It was first held in 2014/2015, and discontinued after the 3rd edition in 2016.

Allotted time: For the preliminaries: 10s/move, plus 3 times 1 min. For the final match 30s/move, plus 10 times 1 min. Komi is 6.5.

The tournament is sponsored by Kono Motomi, who plays a 3-stone handicap game with the winner.

date black white HA result #mv sgf
2015-01-25 Kono Motomi Cho Sonjin 3 B+6 211 sgf
2015-11-07 Kono Motomi O Rissei 3 W+12 234 sgf
2016-12-06 Kono Motomi Takao Shinji 3 W+8 216 sgf

1st Edition

The final stage of the 1st edition was held on 2015-01-25.

date black white result #mv sgf
2015-01-25 Kato Atsushi Cho Sonjin W+R 132 sgf
2015-01-25 Mimura Tomoyasu Aoki Shinichi W+6.5 289 sgf
2015-01-25 Aoki Shinichi Cho Sonjin W+0.5 235 sgf

The winner was Cho Sonjin.

2nd Edition

The final stage of the 2nd edition was held on 2015-11-07.

date black white result #mv sgf
2015-11-07 O Meien Oya Koichi B+R 155 sgf
2015-11-07 O Rissei Nakaonoda Tomomi B+R 195 sgf
2015-11-07 O Meien O Rissei W+R 248 sgf

The winner was O Rissei.

3rd Edition

The final stage of the 3rd edition was held on 2016-12-06.

date black white result #mv sgf
2016-12-06 Takao Shinji Goto Shungo B+5.5 309 sgf
2016-12-06 Kato Atsushi Mimura Tomoyasu B+R 185 sgf
2016-12-06 Takao Shinji Kato Atsushi B+R 121 sgf

The winner was Takao Shinji.