Phoenix Cup Open

The Phoenix Cup Open Tournament (鳳凰杯オープントーナメント戦, also known as the Houo Cup, 鳳凰杯) was an unofficial Japanese title, open to both pros and amateurs. It was discontinued after 8 terms.

Time allotment is 1h.

# year winner runner-up final
1 2000 Oya Koichi (9p) Samejima Ichiro (ama)
2 2001 Sakai Hideyuki (ama) Yang Qiao (6p) sgf
3 2002 Kobayashi Satoru (9p) Sakai Hideyuki (5p) sgf
4 2003 Sakai Hideyuki (6p) Kobayashi Satoru (9p) sgf
5 2004 Hong Malgunsaem (ama) Sakai Hideyuki (6p) sgf
6 2005 Qiu Jun (7p) Kato Atsushi (8p) sgf
7 2006 Qiu Jun (8p) Sakai Hideyuki (7p)
8 2007 Yuki Satoshi (9p) Michael Redmond (9p) sgf