Teikei Cups

In 2021, Teikei Co., Ltd. started sponsoring three Go events, here called the Teikei Shunei Cup (テイケイ杯俊英戦), the Teikei Legend Cup (テイケイ杯レジェンド戦), and the Teikei Women's Legend Cup (テイケイ杯女流レジェンド戦).

Teikei Shunei Cup

This is played in two leagues of six players each, with a best-of-three final between the two league winners.

Time limits are 2 hours per game. Komi is 6.5.

# year winner runner-up score sgf
1 2022 Kyo Kagen Shibano Toramaru 2-0 1 2
2 2023 Ichiriki Ryo Shibano Toramaru 2-0 1 2