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World Go Championship 2017

In March 2017 the (1st) World Championship was held. Participants were Park Junghwan (for Korea), Mi Yuting (for China), Iyama Yuta (for Japan), and DeepZenGo (computer).

DeepZenGo is an AI player developed by Yoji Ojima and Hideki Kato. In Nov 2016 it lost 2-1 against Cho Chikun. In Mar 2017 it was the runner-up in the Densei match (won by FineArt).

Winner was Park Junghwan who won all his games.


# player result 1 2 3 4
1. Park Junghwan 3-0 W+R
2. Mi Yuting 2-1 W+2.5
3. DeepZenGo 1-2 B+R B+R
4. Iyama Yuta 0-3 B+R B+R


date black white result #mv sgf
2017-03-21 Mi Yuting DeepZenGo B+R 283 sgf
2017-03-21 Park Junghwan Iyama Yuta B+R 207 sgf
2017-03-22 Iyama Yuta Mi Yuting W+2.5 284 sgf
2017-03-22 Park Junghwan DeepZenGo B+R 347 sgf
2017-03-23 Mi Yuting Park Junghwan W+R 190 sgf
2017-03-23 DeepZenGo Iyama Yuta B+R 235 sgf