Young Win and Continue tournament

In 1961-1963 a monthly Win and Continue (勝ち抜き戦成續) tournament was held, sponsored by Igo Club.

Participants are at least 3p and at most 25 years old.

Komi is 4.5.

date winner loser result #mv sgf
Honda Teruko (4p, 22y) Sanno Hirotaka (5p, 21y) W+R
Honda Teruko Inagaki Koichi (4p, 25y) W+4.5
1962-01-15 Honda Teruko Tanimiya Teiji (4p, 22y) B+R 79 sgf
1962-02-14 Ishii Mamoru (5p, 24y) Honda Teruko W+R 166 sgf
Ishii Mamoru Kosugi Kiyoshi (4p, 23y) B+1.5
1962-04-04 Kudo Norio (5p, 21y) Ishii Mamoru B+R 243 sgf
1962-05-13 Otake Hideo (5p, 20y) Kudo Norio B+R 209 sgf
1962-05-22 Otake Hideo Ishii Kunio (5p, 20y) W+R 172 sgf
1962-06-19 Otake Hideo Hayase Hiroshi (5p, 25y) W+R 160 sgf
1962-07-11 Otake Hideo Kojima Takaho (4p, 20y) W+R 142 sgf
1962-09-16 Otake Hideo Chino Tadahiko (5p, 25y) B+R 183 sgf
1962-10-14 Otake Hideo Abe Yoshiteru (3p, 20y) B+R 237 sgf
1962-11-11 Rin Kaiho (7p, 20y) Otake Hideo B+R 135 sgf
1962-12-11 Rin Kaiho Kin Tora (3p, 19y) W+R 190 sgf
1963-01-16 Rin Kaiho Haruyama Isamu (3p, 16y) W+R 142 sgf
1963-02-11 Rin Kaiho Ishigure Ikuro (3p, 20y) B+R 45 sgf
Rin Kaiho Tozawa Akinobu (5p, 22y) W+R
1963-04-21 Kitani Reiko (3p, 23y) Rin Kaiho B+2.5 252 sgf
1963-05-17 Kitani Reiko Suzuki Takeo (3p, 24y) W+0.5 256 sgf
1963-06-12 Kurosawa Tadanao (3p, 23y) Kitani Reiko B+R 157 sgf
1963-06-30 Kurosawa Tadanao Hane Yasumasa (3p, 19y) W+9.5 289 sgf
1963-07-31 Kurosawa Tadanao Matsuoka Teruo (4p, 25y) B+R 121 sgf
1963-09-16 Kawamoto Noboru (3p, 22y) Kurosawa Tadanao W+Void 293 sgf
1963-10-20 Kurosawa Tadanao (4p) Kawamoto Noboru B+R 151 sgf