K.R. Apt, F.S. de Boer and E.R. Olderog
Verification of Sequential and Concurrent Programs, Third Edition
Texts in Computer Science, Springer (2009), xxiii + 502 pages.
Book contents.

K.R. Apt and M.G. Wallace
Constraint Logic Programming using ECLiPSe,
Cambridge University Press (2006), xv + 329 pages.
Book contents.

K.R. Apt
Principles of Constraint Programming,
Cambridge University Press (2003), xiv + 407 pages.
Paperback edition (2009).
Book contents.
Reviews: by F. Rossi , by T. Walsh and P. van Beek, by M.H. van Emden .
Complete set of transparencies (279 pages).

K.R. Apt
From Logic Programming to Prolog
International Series in Computer Science, Prentice Hall (1997), viii + 328 pages.
Book contents.


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