Bert Lisser

Scientific programmer involved with: development of the µCRL tool set , model checking,  rewrite systems, user interfaces (java).

Address: CWI
Department of Software Engineering
SEN2 (Specification and Analysis of Embedded Systems) 
Kruislaan 413, 1098 SJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Room: M338
Tel.: +31 20 592 4099 
Fax: +31 20 592 4199 


Work Related Links

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  1. S.C.C. Blom, W.J. Fokkink, J.F. Groote, I.A. van Langevelde, B. Lisser and J.C. van de Pol, µCRL: a toolset for analysing algebraic specifications, in (G. Berry, H. Comon and A. Finkel, eds) Proc. 13th Conference on Computer Aided Verification - CAV'2001, Paris, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2102, pp. 250-254, Springer-Verlag (July 2001)
  2. J.F. Groote and B. Lisser. Computer assisted manipulation of algebraic process specifications. Technical Report SEN-R0117, CWI, Amsterdam, 2001. ( Abstract)
  3. B. Lisser  and  J.J. van Wamel . Specification of components in a proposition solver. Technical Report SEN-R9720, CWI, Amsterdam, 2001. ( Abstract)