#SIGMOD19 - some first videos

SIGMOD/PODS 2019 held June 30-July 5 in the in the heart of Amsterdam had very good attendance: 1059 registered participants. Most visitors seem to have enjoyed the interesting program, the beautiful venue, graphic designs, and social events including a canal boat tour culminating in a hipster hangout dinner, music and drinks at Cafe Noorderlicht and the SIGMOD evening reception with catered exclusive access to the Van Gogh Museum.

Pictures were taken and all SIGMOD and PODS sessions from Monday until Thursday were live-streamed and video-recorded. The videos are already viewable in uncut form on the conference live-streams: to locate a talk, please consult the schedule to find the date and room, and click inside the embedded video of the correct room on the playlist to select the right file. It may take some trying, but you will find everything there.

Above you find shortcuts to all keynotes and some other highlights, like the SIGMOD best paper on Interventional Fairness, the PODS tutorial on Algorithmic Fairness and the ADS meets SIGMOD event. Once all videos have been cut and all pictures have been gathered, we will notify the community, but please enjoy this sneak preview already!