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Ronald Cramer

Head of the Cryptology Group, CWI
Professor, Mathematical Institute, Leiden University


Mail address:

Prof. dr. Ronald Cramer
P.O. Box 94079
1090 GB Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Email: cramer (at), cramer (at)
Tel: +31-20-592 4166
Tel: +31-20-592 4189 (Secretary Ms. Susanne van Dam)

Research Interests

Cryptology: foundations, mathematical aspects, applications.

Algebraic number theory and -geometry, coding theory, combinatorics, algorithms, complexity theory

Some Professional Activities

  1. Editorial Board Memberships:
    1. Journal of Cryptology (2000-2016)
    2. Designs, Codes and Cryptography
    3. Journal of Mathematical Cryptology
    4. Journal of Algebra and Its Applications
    5. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (2011-2014)
    6. Information Security and Cryptology Book Series (advisory board, Springer Verlag)

  2. Program Chair :
    1. 24th Annual IACR EUROCRYPT, 2005
    2. 11th Annual IACR PKC, 2008
    3. 9th Annual IACR TCC, 2012

  3. General Chair :
    1. 4th Annual IACR TCC, 2007

    Short CV

    Since June 1, 2004: Head of the Cryptology Group, CWI
    Since June 1, 2004: Full Professor (Chair in Cryptology), Mathematical Institute, Leiden University

    Past affiliations:
    2000-2004: Aarhus University, BRICS & Computer Science Department, Associate Professor.
    1997-2000: ETH Zurich, Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, Senior Researcher.
    1992-1997: CWI, Researcher.

    Ph.D., University of Amsterdam (Jan. 1997), M.Sc., Leiden University (Aug. 1992).

    Selected Awards and Honors:
    2016 ERC Advanced Grant
    (Since 2013) Member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)
    (Since 2013) Fellow of the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR)
    2011 Invited Speaker (keynote address), 30th Annual IACR EUROCRYPT
    2006 NWO VICI Laureate
    2005 KNAW DJA
    2003 Distinguished Cryptographer Lecture Series, NTT Research, Tokio
    1998 KNAW Christiaan Huygens Award