dick c a bulterman
As mentioned in my biographical sketch, I can usually be found at CWI in Amsterdam, where I head the Distributed and Interactive Systems group within CWI's Software Engineering cluster. On Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons, I'm at the Vrije Universiteit, also in Amsterdam. For general information on locating Amsterdam (which is not in Denmark!), please consult my travel recommendations page.

According to CWI's personnel database, I can be reached by various postal and electronic mail servers as follows:
    Name        dr. Dick C.A. Bulterman
    Address     CWI
                Kruislaan 413
                P.O. Box 94079
                1090 GB Amsterdam
                The Netherlands
    Telephone   020-592 43 00 (+31 20 592 43 00)
    Telefax     020-592 41 99 (+31 20 592 41 99)
    E-mail      Dick.Bulterman@cwi.nl

According to the VU (or, somewhat redundantly, the VU University), I can be reached there as follows:
    Name        Prof.dr. Dick C.A. Bulterman
    Address     Faculteit der Exacte Wetenschappen
                Vrije Universiteit 
                De Boelelaan 1081 
                1081 HV Amsterdam 
    Telephone   020-598 29 88 (+31 20 598 29 88)
    E-mail      Dick.Bulterman@few.vu.nl

For information on my private contact details (plus information on the home team), please see the password-protected information here.
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Last Updated: 10 November 2010