My name is Svetlana Dubinkina, and I am a mathematician

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I am an assistant professor at the VU Amsterdam. My research interests include numerical methods, statistical mechanics, data assimilation, paleoclimate, subsurface flow, wind energy, pipe flow.

    Ultimate goals of running projects are
  • ― to develop a novel data assimilation method that could tackle the problem of predicting climatological evens such as Little Ice Age that happened roughly 1400–1700 AD and a switch between two paths of Kuroshio current that happens abruptly and has a significant influence on local economics;
  • ― to predict the evolution of subsurface flows given a few local observations from wells and as a consequence to predict production rates of gas;
  • ― to predict formation of slugs in the pipes and their propagation, since those can cause unstable, intermittent production which can even kill a producing well;
  • ― to predict severe magnetic storms a few hours in advance in order to put a satellite in a sleeping mode such that the satellite would not be destroyed.

Acquired funds

  • ― the Lorentz Center, NDNS+ cluster, STAR cluster for organizing a Lorentz Center workshop (PI), 2016
  • ― Shell-NWO/FOM program (PI), 2015, Ph.D. student, Accurate predictions of slugs in multiphase pipe flow simulation for improved oil and gas production
  • ― CWI-INRIA collaboration (PI: E. Camporeale CWI), 2014, Ph.D. student, Data-enhanced simulations for Space Weather predictions
  • ― Shell-NWO/FOM program (PI), 2014, Ph.D. student, Probabilistic uncertainty assessments in energy-related problems
  • ― NWO MPE program (PI), 2014, Ph.D. student, Geometric structure and data assimilation
  • ― NWO Rubicon (PI), 2009, Statistical bias of numerical discretizations and data assimilation in geophysical fluid dynamics


  • Jurriaan Buist, Ph.D. 2019-2023 (co-supervision with Benjamin Sanderse)
  • Bart de Leeuw, Ph.D. 2015-2019
  • Sangeetika Ruchi, Ph.D. U. Utrecht, 2020, thesis pdf
  • Mandar Chandorkar, Ph.D. TU Delft, 2019 (co-supervision with Enrico Camporeale), thesis pdf
  • Gido Limperg, Bachelor UvA, 2018, thesis pdf
  • Kaj-Ivar van der Wijst, Bachelor U. Utrecht, 2016, thesis pdf

Collaborations and international network


In preparation

  • ― S. Ruchi, S. Dubinkina and J. de Wiljes, "Fast hybrid tempered ensemble transform filter formulation for Bayesian elliptical problems via Sinkhorn approximation", preprint.
  • ― B. de Leeuw and S. Dubinkina, "Ensemble shadowing-based data assimilation method".
  • ― B. de Leeuw and S. Dubinkina, "Shadowing-based data assimilation method for partially observed models", preprint.

Published articles

  • ― S. Dubinkina and S. Ruchi, "Comparison of Regularized Ensemble Kalman Filter and Tempered Ensemble Transform Particle Filter for an elliptic inverse problem with uncertain boundary conditions", Computational Geosciences, (2019), https://doi.org/10.1007/s10596-019-09904-w, preprint.
  • ― S. Ruchi, S. Dubinkina and M.A. Iglesias, "Transform-based particle filtering for elliptic Bayesian inverse problems", Inverse Problems 35 115005 (2019), https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6420/ab30f3, preprint.
  • ― S. Ruchi and S. Dubinkina, "Application of ensemble transform data assimilation methods for parameter estimation in reservoir modeling", Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 25 (2018), pp. 731–746, https://doi.org/10.5194/npg-25-731-2018, article.
  • ― B. de Leeuw, S. Dubinkina, J. Frank, A. Steyer, X. Tu and E. Van Vleck, "Projected Shadowing-based Data Assimilation", SIAM J. Appl. Dyn. Syst., 17(4) (2018), pp. 2446–2477, https://doi.org/10.1137/17M1141163, preprint.
  • ― S. Dubinkina, "Relevance of conservative numerical schemes for an Ensemble Kalman Filter", Q.J.R. Meteorol. Soc., 144 (2018), pp.467-477, doi:10.1002/qj.3219
  • ― V. Zunz, H. Goosse and S. Dubinkina, "Impact of the initialization on the predictability of Southern Ocean sea ice at interannual to multi-decadal timescales", Climate Dynamics, 44 (2015), pp. 2267–2286.
  • ― A. Mairesse, H. Goosse, P. Mathiot, H. Wanner and S. Dubinkina, ”Investigating the consistency between proxies and between proxies and models using data assimilation: a mid-Holocene case study”, Clim. Past, 9 (2013), pp. 2741–2757.
  • ― S. Dubinkina and H. Goosse, ”An assessment of particle filtering methods and nudging for climate state reconstructions”, Clim. Past, 9 (2013), pp. 1141–1152.
  • ― P. Mathiot, H. Goosse, X. Crosta, B. Stenni, M. Braida, H. Renssen, C.J. Van Meerbeeck, V. Masson-Delmotte, A. Mairesse and S. Dubinkina, ”Using data assimilation to investigate the causes of Southern Hemisphere high latitude cooling from 10 to 8 ka BP”, Clim. Past, 9 (2013), pp. 887–901.
  • ― H. Goosse, E. Crespin, S. Dubinkina, M.F. Loutre, M.E. Mann, H. Renssen, Y. Sallaz-Damaz and D. Shindell, ”The role of forcing and internal dynamics in explaining the medieval climate anomaly”, Climate Dynamics, 39 (2012), pp. 2847–2866.
  • ― H. Goosse, J. Guiot, M.E. Mann, S. Dubinkina and Y. Sallaz-Damaz, ”The medieval climate anomaly in Europe: comparison of the summer and annual mean signals in two reconstructions and in simulations with data assimilation”, Global and Planetary Change 84–85 (2012), pp. 35–47.
  • ― S. Dubinkina, H. Goosse, Y. Sallaz-Damaz, E. Crespin and M. Crucifix, ”Testing a particle filter to reconstruct climate changes over the past centuries”, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 21(12) (2011), pp. 3611– 3618.
  • ― S. Dubinkina, J. Frank and B. Leimkuhler, ”Simplified Modelling of a Thermal Bath, with Application to a Fluid Vortex System”, SIAM Multiscale Model. Simul. 8 (2010), pp. 1882–1901.
  • ― S. Dubinkina and J. Frank, ”Statistical relevance of vorticity conservation with the Hamiltonian particle-mesh method”, J. Comput. Phys. 229 (2010), pp. 2634–2648.
  • ― S. Dubinkina and J. Frank, ”Statistical mechanics of Arakawa’s discretizations”, J. Comput. Phys. 227 (2007), pp. 1286–1305.
  • ― V. Pukhnachev and S. Dubinkina, ”A model of film deformation and rupture under the action of thermo- capillary forces”, Fluid Dynamics 41(5) (2006), pp. 755–771.

PhD thesis

  • ― S.Dubinkina, "Statistical mechanics and numerical modelling of geophysical fluid dynamics”, University of Amsterdam, 28 May 2010, pdf

Media coverage

  • ― Article in NRC Handelsblad (national Dutch newspaper) about my PhD research "Het klimaat en het weer voorspellen blijkt nog weer moeilijker", 5 juni 2010, article


Current courses

Analysis I at VU Amsterdam (study guide 2020-2021)

Dynamics and Computation at VU Amsterdam (study guide 2020-2021)

Mathematcial Modelling of Dynamical Systems at VU Amsterdam (study guide 2020-2021)

Past courses

Scientific Computing Seminar at Utrecht University (spring 2016, fall 2017)

Teaching Assistant for ”Physique générale et éléments de mathématique 1” at Université catholique de Louvain (fall 2011)


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