Minh-Duc Pham


I am currently a PhD candidate at Database Architectures group, CWI.
Affiliation:  Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI)

                (Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science)

                Group: Database Architecture (INS1)

Position PhD candidate
Advisor:  Peter Boncz
Address:  Science Park 123 / Room L324
              1098 XG Amsterdam
Email: duc  at   cwi  dot  nl
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/minhducit



[International Conferences & Workshops]

Minh-Duc, Pham, Boncz, P.A. "Exploiting Emergent Schemas to make RDF systems more efficient," ISWC, 2016. (pdf)

O Erling, Averbuch,A., Larriba-Pey, J., Hassan Chafi, Gubichev, A., Prat, A., Minh-Duc Pham, Boncz, P. " The LDBC Social Network Benchmark: Interactive Workload ," SIGMOD, 2015. (pdf)

Minh-Duc, Pham, Linnea, P., O Erling and Boncz, P.A. " Deriving an Emergent Relational Schema from RDF Data ," WWW, 2015. (pdf)

Minh-Duc, Pham , Boncz, P.A., " Self-organizing Structured RDF in MonetDB ," PhD Symposium, ICDE, 2013. (pdf)

Danh, L.P., Minh, D.T., Pham, M.D. , Boncz, P.A., Thomas, E., Michael, F., " Linked Stream Data Processing: Facts and Figures ," ISWC, 2012. (pdf)

Ying, Z. Pham, M.D. , Oscar Corcho, and Calbimonte, J.P., "SRBench: A Streaming RDF/SPARQL Benchmark," ISWC, 2012. (pdf)

Minh-Duc Pham, P.A. Boncz, O Erling, "S3G2: a Scalable Structure-correlated Social Graph Generator," TPCTC (in conjunction with VLDB), 2012. (pdf)

Minh-Duc Pham, P.A. Boncz, "The Social Intelligence Benchmark," DBDBD, 2011. (pdf)

Han, W., Pham, M., Lee, J., Kasperovics, R., and Yu, J., "iGraph in Action: Performance Analysis of Disk-Based Graph Indexing Techniques," SIGMOD, 2011. (pdf)

Han, W., Lee, J., Pham, M., and Yu, J., "A Comparison of Disk-based Graph Indexing Techniques," In 36th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases(VLDB) / Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB), Vol. 3, 2010. No.1, pp.449-459, Sept. 2010 (invited to VLDB Journal as best of VLDB 2010 papers) (pdf)

[Book chapters]

Boncz, P.A., O Erling, Minh-Duc, Pham "Advances in Large-Scale RDF Data Management ," Linked Open Data -- Creating Knowledge Out of Interlinked Data, Springer, 2014. (pdf)

Boncz, P.A., O Erling, Minh-Duc, Pham "Experiences with Virtuoso Cluster RDF Column Store ," Linked Data Management: Principles and Techniques, CRC Press, 2013. (pdf)

[Journals & articles]

Minh-Duc, Pham, Boncz, P.A. "MonetDB/RDF: Discovering and Exploiting the Emergent Schema of RDF Data ," ERCIM News, Vol. 96, pp. 41-42, 2014.

R. Angles Rojas, Minh-Duc, Pham, Boncz, P.A. "Benchmarking Linked Open Data Management Systems ," ERCIM News, Vol. 96, pp. 24-25, 2014.

Lee, J., Pham, M., Lee, J., Han, W., Cho, H., Yu, H. and Lee, J., "Processing SPARQL Queries with Regular Expressions in RDF Databases", In BMC Bioinformatics 2011, 12(Suppl 2):S6 (SCIE) (pdf)

Pham Minh Duc, Jun-Seok Heo, Jeong-Hoon Lee, and Kyu-Young Whang, “Ranking Quality Evaluation of PageRank Variations,” Journal of IEEK, No.5, pp.14-28, Korea, Sep. 2009. (pdf)


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+ Since last year, I have been working as a PhD student of Vrij University Amsterdam for LDBC project (Jan. 2014 - Apr. 2015).


Useful links:

- Database Architecture group

- Homepage of iGraph

- LDBC Social Network Benchmark