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Serge Fehr

Senior Researcher, Cryptology Group, CWI Amsterdam

Professor, Mathematical Institute, Leiden University

CWI  Leiden University

Serge Fehr is a scientific staff member of the Cryptology Group at CWI, the Dutch Center for Mathematics and Computer Science in Amsterdam, and a (part-time) full professor in the Faculty of Science at Leiden University. He participates in AMSec, the Amsterdam Cyber Security Center, and he is supported by NWO, the Dutch Research Council, and by DIAMANT, the Dutch national mathematics research network on Discrete, Interactive & Algorithmic Mathematics, Algebra & Number Theory.

Research interest: Foundations of cryptology, information-theoretic and (post-)quantum cryptography, secret sharing and secure multiparty computation, and zero-knowledge proofs.

Current and upcoming activities: Program committee member of EUROCRYPT 2023. Editorial board member of Journal of Cryptology and of IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. Chair of the steering committee member of QCrypt. Steering committee member of the workshop series Beyond IID In Information Theory. Task leader in the NWO NWA HAPKIDO consortium. Co-organizer of the national Symposium Series on Post-Quantum Cryptography.

Open position: A 3-year post-doc position on the topic of post-quantum cryptography is available. If you are interested and can show an impressive track record on the topic, then please get in touch.




Recent publications:
 G. Spini, et al. New Approach to Privacy-Preserving Clinical Decision Support Systems for HIV Treatment. In Journal of Medical Systems 46, 84 (2022).
 T. Attema, S. Fehr, M. Klooss. Fiat-Shamir Transformation of Multi-Round Interactive Proofs. In TCC 2022.
 J. Don, S. Fehr, Yu-Hsuan Huang. Adaptive versus Static Multi-oracle Algorithms, and Quantum Security of a Split-key PRF. In TCC 2022.
 T. Attema, S. Fehr. Parallel Repetition of (k1,...,kμ)-Special-Sound Multi-Round Interactive Proofs. In CRYPTO 2022.
 J. Don, S. Fehr, C. Majenz, C. Schaffner. Efficient NIZKs and Signatures from Commit-and-Open Protocols in the QROM. In CRYPTO 2022.