Romulo Goncalves

Name			R. A. Pereira Goncalves
Given name		Romulo
Department		INS

Address			CWI (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica),
			Science Park 123, 
			1098 XG Amsterdam
			The Netherlands
Office			L317

Telephone		020-5929333 (+31 20 5924217)
Telefax		     	020-5924199 (+31 20 5924199)
E-mail     	 	R.A. at cwi nl
Profile			LinkedIN.

Biographic Note:

He studied Systems and Computer Science Engineering from August 2001 until July 2006 at University of Minho, Braga, Portugal. He completed his last year under an exchange students program at the University of Amsterdam attending the last year of the Artificial Intelligence Master.

He started his career in computer science as a research assistant in August 2006 at CWI's Database Research Group. He worked on SkyServer and DataCell projects. SkyServer project is on going project to port one of the largest public scientific databases, SDSS, to MonetDB. The Data Cell is a on going project to develop a stream engine on top of MonetDB. In mean time, he is also a developer of the SQL module for MonetDB.

Since 2006 he has been an author of several publications. He received the SIGMOD Best Paper Award Runner Up on July 1, during the 35th SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (ACM SIGMOD'09) in Providence, Rhode Island (USA). He was awarded for the article An Architecture for Recycling Intermediates in a Column-store written by Milena Ivanova, Martin Kersten, Niels Nes and Romulo Goncalves of CWI.

As of August 2007 he is PhD student of Martin Kersten. His main topic of research is distributed databases and replication. On his current work he is developing the Data Cyclotron, distributed version of MonetDB. To know more details and the current status of the project, contact him through the email address posted above.


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