Activities, software, background and more

Selected Talks

  • INRIA-CWI workshop, online, September 2020

  • AI seminar, University of Copenhagen, August 2020

  • AI seminar, University of Alberta, February 2020

  • Stochastics seminar, Otto von Güricke Universität Magdeburg, November 2019

  • Google DeepMind, Paris, July 2019

  • Sequel Seminar, Inria Lille, June 2019

  • Formal Epistemology Workshop, Turin, June 2019

  • Scientific Meeting, CWI Amsterdam, April 2018

Research visits

  • Otto von Güricke Universität Magdeburg (visiting Alexandra Carpentier), October-December 2020

  • University of Copenhagen (visiting Sadegh Talebi), August 2020

  • University of Alberta, Edmonton (visiting Csaba Szepesvári), February 2020

  • Otto von Güricke Universität Magdeburg (visiting Alexandra Carpentier), November 2019

  • SequeL, Inria Lille (visiting Emilie Kaufmann and Michal Valko), April-August 2019



I obtained a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Groningen and a MSc in Mathematics cum laude (with honours) from Leiden University. I also hold a Bachelor of Music from the Prins Claus Conservatoire and a Master of Music from the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, both in Classical music - Horn.

Until January 2019 I worked one day a week at Leiden University with Jacqueline Meulman as coordinator of the MSc programme Statistical Science.


I like cycling, running, learning languages and classical singing. I'm a contralto, and sing in the VU-Kamerkoor and many side-projects.