Chemical War Babies

The continued story of the return of the second coming of the Chemical War Babies

Okay, we are taking the meaning of "a single reunion gig" to new heights. We will play at Maloe Melo in Amsterdam, on August 20 (2003, that is, in case we don't update this page again for a couple of years), with Whittlesea and Sexbomb Nagasaki. Doors open at 21.30, gigs 22.00 until late.


Chemical War Babies are an Amsterdam-based band who play music with references to punkrock, sixties thrash, rythm'n'blues and more. Names? Hmm, think of Iggy and the Stooges, MC5 or Nomads, but with a nineties sound.

The band got started early in 1995, when Karel and Martin joined the other three. The band has played under various names, Lovecraft and Super Kanker Mario en the Tering Turtles among them, but it appears that the name Chemical War Babies is here to stay.

The Music

Here are a couple of songs from our last regular gig, back in 1998. RealAudio is good enough for listening online, mp3 is better for downloading.
Leave me Alone (RealAudio) (mp3)
Alcatraz (RealAudio) (mp3)
Tough Situation (RealAudio) (mp3)
Do you Really Want to Know? (RealAudio) (mp3)
Feeling Fine (RealAudio) (mp3)
Sick Feeling/Here I Come (RealAudio) (mp3)
So Simple (RealAudio) (mp3)
listen to the whole lot (RealAudio)

The members

Martin Palmer
Guus Bos
Karel Palmer
Jack Jansen
Robert Moorman

Contact Information

You can contact us by writing to
  Chemical War Babies
  c/o Jack Jansen
  Bilderdijkstraat 146
  1053 LA  Amsterdam
  the Netherlands
Or you can send Email to Jack,


Most of the member have other musical activities. Robert plays in Rise of Realism (medieaval lyrics accompanied by metal-house) and Thorny Crown (wave-rock), Jack plays in Uit de Sloot (dutch-language 77-style punkrock).

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Jack Jansen, 10/02/98