Jack's Macintosh software

The biggest Mac programming project I am involved with has a separate page, the Macintosh port of Python, which is available for free download in source form and various prebuilt distributions. In the above mentioned page you will also find ports of various Python extension modules to the Mac.

For general information on Python, a high-level object-oriented programming language available on almost any platform, refer to the Python website at www.python.org.

In this directory you will find ports of various libraries to the Mac. Most of these are image libraries, but there is some other stuff too. For most of the libraries my effort has been minimal, a few hours to about a days work of finding the correct options to set and creating of propject files, so all credits go to the original authors.

All packages contain CW Pro 7 projects to build a PPC library. Some contain very old targets (which may or may not work) to build a 68k library (far everything, 4-byte ints, 8-byte doubles) and a cfm68k library (with "indirect access" enabled). If applicable separate versions for use with or without the GUSI I/O library are available. The projects are all in "mac" subdirectories.

All the software referred to here can be downloaded from ftp.cwi.nl, directory /pub/jack/mac.

Older versions, can still be found at ftp://ftp.cwi.nl/pub/jack/mac/old.

GDBM 1.7.3 (200Kb binhex)
A mac port of the gdbm 1.7.3 database package.
IJG JPEG v6b (980Kb, binhex)
A mac port of the IJG JPEG library version 6b.
PNG 1.0.5 (460Kb, binhex)
A mac port of the PNG library for accessing images in Portable Network Graphic files.
TIFF library (250Kb, binhex)
A mac port of the TIFF library, version unknown.
Malloc (11Kb, binhex)
A replacement malloc package, which may be faster and more stable than MetroWerks malloc (at the expense of wasting about 25% more memory). This package also includes numerous compile-time options for range checking, catching double free() calls, etc. As a bonus it can optionally return L1-cache aligned memory.
NetPBM (1.2Mb, binhex)
A partial port of the netpbm package, version 7. Only the libraries have been ported, not the utilities (but all sources are included).
Zlib version 1.1.3 (310Kb, binhex)
A port of the Zlib generalised compression library.

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Jack Jansen, 27-Dec-01