I am currently a post-doc at the e-BioScience team at AMC (Academic Medical Center - UvA). Here is a summary of what I have been doing before that.

PC Membership:
      FSEN 2013
      Coordination 2012
      ACM SAC SE 2012
      PACO 2011

Some of the propositions accompanying my PhD thesis dissertation, entitled Time at Your Service:

  • To pioneer, a software engineer needs a taste of philosophy.
  • A good schedule brings asynchronous actors to concurrence.
  • Schedules are made to be broken; deadlines are set to be missed.
  • Thou shalt use the rightful channel for communication.
  • A philosopher might better arrive late than never.
  • Schedulability analysis is as hard as its pronunciation.
  • The solution to “I don't have time” is “use a better scheduler”.

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