Previous Positions

  • I spent one year (in the period 2012 - 2013) as a postdoctoral scientific programmer at The Netherlands Metabolomics Center. During this period, I (co-)developed a multi-core tool used in identification of molecular structure of metabolites. Additionally, I collaborated with the e-BioScience team at AMC (Academic Medical Center - UvA) in developing workflows to be executed on the Dutch Grid.

  • I was a post-doc at Foundations of software engineering group, at the CWI in 2011 and beginning of 2012.

  • PhD degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering)
    SEN3 department
    Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI)
    (Centre for mathematics and informatics)
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Graduated: 20 December 2010 (29 Azar 1389)
    Started: November 2006 (Aban 1385)

    Project description: I am working on the CREDO project.
    Thesis title: Time at Your Service - Schedulability Analysis of Real-Time and Distributed Services (preprint)
    My PhD thesis is also available through Leiden University Library: click here.

    Supervisor: Prof. Frank S. de Boer

  • Lecturer at Sadjad University (Mashhad, Iran)

    Teaching "Operating Systems" (Spring 2006)

    "Operating system concepts" - Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne.

    Teaching "Programming in C++" (Spring 2006)

    The course material can be downloaded as a PDF file (in Persian).

  • Masters' (MS) degree in Software Engineering
    CE department, Sharif University of Technology
    Tehran, Iran

    Graduated: August 2005 (Shahrivar 1384)
    Started: September 2003 (Mehr 1382)

    Thesis title: Verification of Rebeca models using Partial-Order and Symmetry techniques (in Farsi)

    Supervisor: Prof. Ali Movaghar

  • Bachelors' (BS) degree in Software Engineering
    ECE department, University of Tehran
    Tehran, Iran

    Graduated: August 2003 (Sharivar 1382)
    Started: September 1999 (Mehr 1378)

    Thesis title: Verifying Rebeca models by translation to SMV

    Supervisor: Prof. Marjan Sirjani

  • High school diploma in Math and Physics
    National organization for development of exceptional talents, Mashhad center
    Mashhad, Iran

    Graduated: June 1999 (Khordad 1378)
    Started: September 1995 (Mehr 1374)

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