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Name Prof.dr. J. (Rob) van den Berg Address CWI Science Park 123 NL 1098 XG Amsterdam The Netherlands Telephone +31 20 5924008 E-mail jvdberg at cwidotnl
My main field of interest is probability theory, in particular percolation, interacting particle systems and other random spatial processes. I work as a researcher at CWI in the group Stochastics
and as professor (part-time:0.2 fte) at the VU University Amsterdam.

Short CV


J. van den Berg and D.G.P. van Engelenburg, An upper bound on the two-arms exponent for critical percolation on Z^d,
arXiv:2009.13337 (10 pages). Link to arXiv
To appear (in revised form) in Ann. Inst. H. Poincar\'e Probab. Statist.

J. van den Berg and P. Nolin, On the four-arm exponent for 2D percolation at criticality,
In: In and Out of Equilibrium 3: Celebrating Vladas Sidoravicius , pp 125-145,
(Vares, M.E., Fernandez, R., Fontes, L.R., Newman, C.M. (Eds.)),
Series Progress in Probability 77, Springer, 2021. Link to final version Link to arXiv version

J. van den Berg and H. Don, A lower bound for point-to-point connection probabilities in critical percolation,
Electron. Comm. Probab. 25, paper 47 (2020) Link to article

J.van den Berg and P. Nolin, Near-critical percolation with heavy-tailed impurities, forest fires and frozen percolation,
To appear in PTRF (2021). Link to `Online First'

J. van den Berg and S.A. Bethuelsen, Stochastic Domination in Space-Time for the Contact Process,
Random Structures and Algorithms 53, 221-237 (2018). Link to arXiv Link to article

J. van den Berg, D. Kiss and P. Nolin, Two-dimensional volume-frozen percolation: deconcentration and prevalence of mesoscopic clusters,
Annales Scientifiques de l'\'Ecole Normale Sup\'erieure 51, 1017--1084 (2018). Link to article Link to arXiv

J. van den Berg and P. Nolin, Boundary rules and breaking of self-organized criticality in 2D frozen percolation,
Electron. Comm. Probab. 22 (2017), paper no. 65, 15 pp. Link to article

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