C.L. (Kees) Blom

Address     CWI
            Kruislaan 413
            1098 SJ Amsterdam
            The Netherlands
Office      M362
Telephone   020-5924296 (+31 20 5924296)
Telefax     020-5924199 (+31 20 5924199)
E-mail      Kees.Blom@cwi.nl

Home	    Prinseneiland 107-C
	    1013 LN Amsterdam

I work as a scientific programmer in the research theme "Coordination Languages" headed by Prof.Dr. Jan Rutten , which is part of the cluster Software Engineering headed by Prof.Dr. Paul Klint .

My principal project is the implementation of a programming environment for the Coordination Language Manifold designed by Prof.Dr. Farhad Arbab.

Another project involves the implementation of a keyphrase recognition system for mathematical texts, designed by Prof.Dr. Michiel Hazewinkel. This project is part of the EU-funded program Trial-Solution .

Experimental AmbulantPlayer Version 1.8 for Nokia770