Prof. Dr. Stefan Manegold

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Tenure-track position in Data Science Systems Architecture

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Senior Researcher
Scientific Staff Member
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Professor for Data Management
Stefan Manegold
CWI Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica
(Wiskunde = Mathematics
 Informatica = Computer Science)
Universiteit Leiden  Leiden
Faculty of  Science
Database Architectures (DA)
Institute:   Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS)
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Address:  P.O.Box 94079
1090 GB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Visit:  Science Park 123 / Room L321
1098 XG Amsterdam
phone:  +31 (0)20 592-4212
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25 February 2021

Navigation: Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research (CIDR) 2025 @ Amsterdam 2020 CWI Lectures on Database Research
2020 CWI Lectures on Database Research (Thursday, 19 November 2020; online)
Thursday, 19 November 2020 (online)
ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2019 @ Amsterdam, NL

Professional & Research Interests
Column-store Database Architectures and Technologies
Data Management for Sciences
Analytical Database Systems
Parallel and Distributed Information Systems
Cost Models for Database Query Optimization
XML storage & XQuery processing using RDBMS technology
Hardware-aware Database Technology
Processor Achitectures and Hierarchical Cache Memories
Optimization, Scalability, Performance, and Benchmarking
Multi-Architecture/Cross-Platform Software-Development & -Testing

Present Projects
MonetDB --- Query Processing at Light-Speed
SciLens --- Database Technology to advance Science
PROMIMOOC --- Process mining for multi-objective online control (NWO/NLeSC)
DAMIOSO --- Data Mining on High Volume Simulation Output (NWO)

Past Projects
COMMIT/ --- TimeTrails (P19): Spatiotemporal Data Warehouses for Trajectory Exploitation (NL/FES)
RETHINKbig --- Roadmap for European Technologies in Hardware and Networking for Big Data (EU-FP7-CSA)
LEO --- Linked Open Earth Observation Data for Precision Farming (EU-FP7-ICT)
TELEIOS --- Virtual Observatory Infrastructure for Earth Observation Data (EU-FP7-ICT)
Pathfinder --- MonetDB/XQuery: An XQuery Implementation
MultimediaN --- Multimedia is the Message
BRICKS --- Basic Research in Informatics for Creating the Knowledge Society
MIA --- Multimedia Information Analysis
Conquer --- Multi-Query Optimization for Data Mining Applications

2020 ACM SIGMOD Contributions Award
CWI press release
VLDB'2011: Challenges & Visions Track Best Paper Award
CWI press release
VLDB'2009: 10-year Best Paper Award
CWI press release
VLDB 2009 paper
VLDB 1999 paper

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ACM SIGMOD Experimental Repeatability and Workability Evaluation
2012 (Scottsdale)
2011 (Athens)   (advisor)
2010 (Indianapolis)   (co-chair)
2009 (Providence)   (co-chair)
2008 (Vancouver)   (pc member)

ACM SIGMOD Workshop Series
DaMoN --- Data Management on New Hardware  (2024: Santiago,  2023: Seattle,  2022: Philadelphia (hybrid),  2021: Xi'an (hybrid),  2020: Portland (online/virtual),  2019: Amsterdam,  2018: Houston,  2017: Chicago,  2016: San Francisco,  2015: Melbourne,  2014: Snowbird,  2013: New York,  2012: Scottsdale,  2011: Athens,  2010: Indianapolis,  2009: Providence,  2008: Vancouver,  2007: Beijing,  2006: Chicago,  2005: Baltimore)
ExpDB --- Performance and Evaluation of Data Management Systems  (2007: Beijing,  2006: Chicago)
DBTest --- Testing Database Systems  (2018: Houston,  2013: New York,  2012: Scottsdale,  2011: Athens,  2010: Indianapolis,  2009: Providence,  2008: Vancouver)
XIME-P --- XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives  (2008: Vancouver,  2007: Beijing,  2006: Chicago,  2005: Baltimore,  2004: Paris)

"The Calibrator" (a Cache-Memory and TLB Calibration Tool)

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