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Fiets, featuring: Amsterdam Facades

Fiets is an example of a set of SMIL presentations created with the GRiNS editor.

The features of SMIL that Fiets requires are currently implemented only in the GRiNS browser. If you are using a Unix system and you have your browser correctly configured you can start the presentation by clicking here.  To configure Netscape select the "preferences" option from the Edit menu. Select "Navigator" then Applications".  Enter in "New..." the following: Description: SMIL document; MIME Type: application/smil; Suffixes: smil,smi; Application: /your-local-directroy/grins %u.

Due to the way Netscape and Explorer work on both Macintosh and Windows (they download a copy of the document and pass that to your helper application) this may fail on those platforms. If that is the case please start the GRiNS player by hand and open the URL fiets.smil with the "Open URL" command.

Alternatively you can download the whole document plus all media items, either as zip file for Windows or gzipped tar for Unix. Mac users can download either: Stuffit Expander should be able to unpack them.

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