Improving Media Fragment Integration in Emerging Web Formats

Lloyd Rutledge and Patrick Schmitz

Improving Media Fragment Integration in Emerging Web Formats
In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Multimedia Modeling 2001 (MMM01)
CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands pp. 147-166
November 5-7, 2001

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The media components integrated into multimedia presentations are typically entire files. At times the media component desired for integration, either as a navigation destination or as coordinate presentation, is a part of a file, or what we call a fragment. Basic media fragment integration has long been implemented in hypermedia systems, but not to the degree envisioned by hypermedia research. The current emergence of several XML-based formats is beginning to extend the possibilities for media fragment integration on a large scale. This paper presents a set of requirements for media fragment integration, describes how standards currently meet some of these requirements and proposes extensions to these standards for meeting remaining requirements.

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