Making RDF Presentable -- Integrated Global and Local Semantic Web Browsing

Lloyd Rutledge, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, and Lynda Hardman

Making RDF Presentable -- Integrated Global and Local Semantic Web Browsing
In: The Fourteenth International World Wide Web Conference
Chiba, Japan pp. 199-206
ACM Press, May 2005
See also: www2005.
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This paper discusses generating document structure from annotated media repositories in a domain-independent manner. This approaches the vision of a universal RDF browser. We start by applying the search-and-browse paradigm established for the WWW to RDF presentation. Furthermore, this paper adds to this paradigm the clustering-based derivation of document structure from search returns, providing simple but domain-independent hypermedia generation from RDF stores. While such generated presentations hardly meet the standards of those written by humans, they provide quick access to media repositories when the needed document has not yet been written. The resulting system allows a user to specify a topic for which it generates a hypermedia document providing guided navigation through virtually any RDF repository. The impact for content providers is that as soon as new media items and their annotations are added to a repository, they become immediately available for automatic integration into subsequently requested presentations.

Relevant projects: NWO/NASH, ToKeN/I2RP, MultimediaN

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