Heritage in an

The goal of the CHIME project is to investigate the use of semantic models for tailoring the presentation of cultural information extracted from existing repositories to different types of users. While database query and full text search interfaces are able to provide access to the information, they do not take into account the richness of expression of multiple media types. In this project we will build on the presentation generation framework developed in previous ToKeN2000 work and focus on the user and domain modelling aspects, paying particular attention to the knowledge representation problems introduced by multimedia aspects.

The research in the project will concentrate on the creation of ontological descriptions of the domain which can be revealed in different levels of detail to different users, on the creation of user profiles to facilitate both this process and the hypermedia presentation generation process. Experience gained in the use of the user profiles and domain ontologies during the presentation generation process can then feed back into their development.

The art domain we use for testing purposes is the Dutch movement "De Stijl". We chose this corpus because it is a diverse movement comprising various artistic directions such as painting, architecture, interior design and graphic design. It provides an ideal basis for experimenting with ontologies, and as a Dutch movement, its works are easily within our reach.

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