Reviewing a Paper

Hugh Davis

These are some notes I use in a lecture on Reviewing Academic Papers. They are offered in the hope that they might be a useful reminder of what we are trying to do.


Some things to consider when reading the paper.


The Report - Two Parts

1. To the committee

(In the context of Hypertext, the review form allows you to express most of the above pretty simply. If you really need to say something that you cannot say in your comments to authors, then email it to the chair. An example might be a suspected case of plagiarism or forged results.)



2. To the Author(s)




general comments


constructive criticism


table of typos


To quote Ian Parberry: ``Desirable traits in a referee include objectivity, fairness, speed, professionalism, confidentiality, honesty, and courtesy'' and ``Before submitting a finished report, a wise referee asks ``Would I be embarrassed if this were to appear in print with my name on it?''


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