Workshop on Polynomial Optimization and Applications in Control and Energy

CWI, Amsterdam

17-18 November, 2022

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This workshop is devoted to the application of polynomial optimization methods in the analysis and control of dynamical systems and energy networks. The polynomial optimization approach offers a powerful framework to model hard nonconvex, nonlinear control problems as infinite-dimensional linear optimization problems over measure spaces. The rich interplay between functional analysis and operator theory, and real algebraic geometry, underlies the nowadays well-known moment/sum-of-squares hierarchy of relaxations, that allows to efficiently obtain converging sequences of bounds. This approach has also been recently developed to attack optimal power flow problems in large electrical networks. The program (under construction) will feature lectures by experts in the field and ample time will be left for discussions.

The list of invited speakers includes (in alphabetic order):
- Claudia d'Ambrosio (LIX Paris)
- Sergio Grammatico (TU Delft, Delft Center for Systems and Control)
- Didier Henrion (LAAS-CNRS Toulouse, and Czech Technical University, Prague)
- Milan Korda (LAAS-CNRS Toulouse, and Czech Technical University, Prague)
- Claudio de Persis (RU Groningen)
- Mathias Staudigl (Maastricht University)


Details will follow later.


CWI, room TBA

CWI, Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam.


Monique Laurent (CWI, U. Tilburg), Bert Zwart (CWI, TU Eindhoven)