7th SDP Days

Workshop on Applications of Semidefinite Optimization

CWI, Amsterdam - Room TBA - May 6-7, 2020


The workshop will feature lectures by the following researchers (and possibly more to be announced later):

Sander Gribling, CWI, Amsterdam
Lecture: Mutually unbiased bases, finite geometry, and polynomial optimization

David de Laat, Delft University of Technology
Lecture: Exact semidefinite programming bounds for packing problems
Jean-Bernard Lasserre, LAAS, Toulouse
Lecture: The Moment-SOS hierarchy
Jonathan Shi, Bocconi University, Milan
Lecture: Generically robust tensor rank decomposition, from rounding SDPs by spectral gaps
Renata Sotirov, Tilburg University
Lecture: Facial reduction for symmetry reduced semidefinite programs
Frank Vallentin, University Cologne
Lecture: Complete positivity, distance-avoiding sets, and integrality gaps of SDP relaxations
Juan Vera, Tilburg University
Lecture: Copositive certificates of non-negativity
Marc Zimmermann, University of Cologne
Lecture: Tba


Participation is free, but please register by sending an email to Susanne van Dam (susanne@cwi.nl) before 25 April so that we can organize the catering.


CWI, room TBA

CWI, Science Park 123, 1098 XG Amsterdam.


Nikhil Bansal (CWI, TU Eindhoven), Monique Laurent (CWI, U. Tilburg)

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