Aim of the workshop

This workshop focuses on the recent exciting developments on the interplay between optimization and polynomials, in particular, the field of real algebraic geometry dealing with representations of positive polynomials as sums of squares. The linking element relies on the following facts:
  • tight approximations for optimization problems can be constructed via sums of squares of polynomials (and the dual theory of moments)
  • sums of squares of polynomials can be modelled using semidefinite programming and thus can be computed efficiently with interior-point algorithms.
    The theoretical justification for the convergence of the relaxed bounds is provided by representation results for positive polynomials.
    The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers with interests in optimization and polynomial representations.
    The objective is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge about algorithmic developments and new theoretical achievements.

    Format of the workshop

    The workshop will begin with a one-day tutorial on the theme: Sums of Squares in Optimization. The aim of this tutorial day is to present results about polynomial representations and their use in optimization to non-specialists. The tutorial lectures will be delivered by three experts in the area. The last two days of the workshop will consist of invited and contributed lectures.