HPOPT 2004 - 8th International Workshop on
High Performance Optimization Techniques:
Optimization and Polynomials

including a tutorial day on Sums of Squares in Optimization on June 23

CWI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
June 23--25, 2004

The workshop is dedicated to the memory of Jos Sturm

Jos Sturm passed away on December 6, 2003, after an illness of nearly two months.
Jos was only 32 years old.
All our thoughts go to his wife Changquing and their little daughter Stefanie, and to his family.

We deeply regret the loss of a dear colleague and friend. Jos' dedication to his work,
his endless enthusiasm, his kindness and readyness to help will be very much missed.

Jos made important contributions to the field of Optimization.
He is internationally known, in particular, for SeDuMi, an algorithm he developped for semidefinite optimization.
More information about the scientific achievements of Jos can be found here and there .

Jos' enthusiastic support for having the workshop HPOPT 2004 held in Amsterdam
and his help with various organizational aspects are very gratefully acknowledged.

More information about the workshop can be found here.