Short Scientific CV:

Sep 2023 - now: group leader CWI Machine Learning group
Sep 2022 - Aug 2023: Member of CWI Management Team ad interim
May 2018 - now: full professor of Cognitive Neurobiology by special appointment at Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS), the University of Amsterdam
Sep 2018 - Aug 2023: full professor of Bio-inspired Deep Learning by special appointment at Faculty of Science and Engineering, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Sep 2016 - Aug 2023: co-founder and senior researcher in the CWI Machine Learning group
Feb 2013 - Jun 2015: Senior Research Fellow in the Swarmlab at Maastricht University (part-time)
Dec 2015 - Aug 2016: Group leader Life Sciences ad interim
Sep 2009 - Nov 2015: Senior Researcher in the CWI group "Life Sciences"
May 2004 - Sept 2009: Researcher in the CWI group "Computational Intelligence and Multi-Agent Games", working on reinforcement learning, agent-based scheduling, spiking neural networks
May 2003 - Apr 2004: Post-doc with Mike Mozer, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
May 1998 - Apr 2003: PhD Student "Spiking Neural Networks" supervised by Prof Dr Joost N. Kok and Prof Dr Han La Poutre at CWI

2003 PhD Computer Science, "Spiking Neural Networks", Leiden University. Promotors: Prof Dr Joost N. Kok and Prof Dr Han La Poutre
1997 MSc Experimental Physics, University of Amsterdam. Graduate advisor: Pieter Roelfsema (MSc Thesis: "Algorithms for the detection of connectedness and their neural implementation")
1992 High-school VWO, Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam, cum laude.

Grants and Honors:
2020 NWO ORC "Perceptive Acting under uncertainty (ACT)" (coordinator)
2020 EU Human Brain Project SGA3, deputy task leader "Hierarchical Cognitive Architectures"
2019 NWO IndoDutch "Physics-based ICT: The digital twin in pipelines"
2018 NWO Person2Data "Enabling Personalized Interventions"
2017 ANR "Nanospike" (co-PI)
2017 NWO Research leader in TTW Perspective programme "Efficient Deep Learning"
2014 NWO Natural Artificial Intelligence
2013 NWO IDEAS programme Natural Artificial Intelligence
2009 NWO Vrije Competitie "Teaching and Learning in Multi-Agent Systems" (PI)
2008 IOP-EMVT "Intelligent en Decentraal Management van Netwerken en Data", (co-applicant, PI: Han La Poutre).
2003 NWO VENI Vernieuwingsimpuls "Scalable Computation and Learning in Spiking Neural Networks". (PI)
2003 NWO TALENT, funding for a 1 year Post-doc abroad (PI)
2003 NWO Klein, funding for CWI FACS cluster (co-applicant; PI: Niels Nes)