Short Scientific CV:

Sept 2018 - now: full professor of Bio-inspired Deep Learning by special appointment at Faculty of Science and Engineering, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
May 2018 - now: full professor of Cognitive Neurobiology by special appointment at Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS), the University of Amsterdam
Sept 2016 - now: co-founder and senior researcher in the CWI Machine Learning group
Sept 2016 - May 2018: teacher Cognitive Computational Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam
Mrt 2013 - : Guest researcher at the Brain and Cognition group of the University of Amsterdam
Feb 2013 - 2015: Senior Research Fellow in the Swarmlab at Maastricht University (part-time)
Sept 2009 - 2016: Heading the Dynamical Neural Information Processing Lab in the Life Sciences group at CWI
May 2004 - Sept 2009: Researcher in the CWI group "Computational Intelligence and Multi-Agent Games", working on reinforcement learning, agent-based scheduling, spiking neural networks
May 2003 - Apr 2004: Post-doc with Greg Grudic and Mike Mozer, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA
May 1998 - Apr 2003: PhD Student "Spiking Neural Networks", in the group of Han La Poutre at CWI

2003 PhD Computer Science, "Spiking Neural Networks", Leiden University. Promotors: Prof Dr Joost N. Kok and Prof Dr Han La Poutre
1997 MSc Experimental Physics, University of Amsterdam. Graduate advisor: Pieter Roelfsema (MSc Thesis: "Algorithms for the detection of connectedness and their neural implementation")
1992 High-school VWO, Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam, cum laude.

Grants and Honors:
2009 NWO Vrije Competitie "Teaching and Learning in Multi-Agent Systems" (PI)
2008 IOP-EMVT "Intelligent en Decentraal Management van Netwerken en Data", (co-applicant, PI: Han La Poutre).
2003 NWO VENI Vernieuwingsimpuls "Scalable Computation and Learning in Spiking Neural Networks". (PI)
2003 NWO TALENT, funding for a 1 year Post-doc abroad (PI)
2003 NWO Klein, funding for CWI FACS cluster (co-applicant; PI: Niels Nes)