ABC Implementations

The available files are:
Included .pif files for running abc on Windows 98, Windows 2000 and XP. To install it, just unpack the ABC directory as c:\Program Files\ABC, or read the file readme.txt for what to do if you want it somewhere else. To uninstall, just delete the directory where you unpacked it.
Debian/Ubuntu binaries; should work on any Debian derivative. (.deb file coming soon). Unpack in a directory, and run directly from there. Alternatively put abc and abckeys in any directory in your $PATH, and abc.hlp and abc.msg in ~/abc/ or /usr/local/lib/abc/.
for the Mac; copy the files to a folder, and run from there.
Sources. These will compile under Unix/Linux, but also under Mac, and with a suitable environment such as Cygwin, under Windows.

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