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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.26 No.1, January 1994
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January 1994

Table of Contents

From the Editor


From the Chairs
Jim Miller and Mike Atwood
International Perspectives: Multinational or International: Menagerie or Melting Pot?
Gilbert Cockton
Visual Interaction Design: Design as a Way of Life
Maria G. Wadlow
Education: Advances in Teaching the HCI Design Process
Jean B. Gasen, Jenny Preece, Peter Gorny, Tom Hewett
Standards: Standardized Medical Icons may be Beneficial to your Health
Pat Billingsley


Usability Foresight: Strategic Usability Planning
Alan J. Happ
Advances Derived from Real-World Experiences
Michael E. Atwood
Computer-aided Adaptation of User Interfaces
David Benyon, Thomas Kühme, Uwe Malinowsi, Piyawadee ``Noi'' Sukaviriya
Rethinking Theoretical Frameworks for HCI
Yvonne Rogers, Liam Bannon, Graham Button
Keith Instone, Allen Cypher, Claus Unger
HCI '93: People and Computers VIII
Donald Day


Cultural Diversity in User Interface Design: Are Intuitions Enough?
Barbee Teasley, Laura Leventhal, Brad Blumenthal, Keith Instone, Daryl Stone
Remembering While Mousing: The Cognitive Costs of Mouse Clicks
Patricia Wright, Ann Lickorish, Robert Milroy
The Grapheur: An Original Concept of Curve Drawing Page Maker,
M. Hassenforder, G. Gissinger
Effective Video Screen Displays: Cognitive Style and Cuing Effectiveness
Kenneth A. Cory
An Experiential Approach to Teaching Students About Usability and HCI
George Hackman Jr., Thomas W. Ferratt, Fantine M. Kerckaert


HCI and ACM News


Publication News
Defying Gravity: The Making of Newton
Book Review by Jakob Nielsen
Developing User Interfaces: Ensuring Usability Through Product and Process
Book Review by Jenny Preece


CHI '94 A Conference Preview
Rosemary Wick
CHI '94 Workshops
Calls for Papers

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.26 No.1, January 1994
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