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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.27 No.1, January 1995
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January 1995

Table of Contents

From the Editor


From the Chairs: Quo Vadis, SIGCHI?
Jim Miller & Mike Atwood
Local SIGs: Volunteers
Kate Ehrlich
Education: The Birth of a Notion
Jean Gasen
Standards: Ergonomics Testing for Software Begins in Germany
Pat Billingsley
Visual Interaction Design: Visual Design of Interaction, Dialog, or Interface?
Cleotilde Gonzalez
Students: The Evolution of the HCI Student
Rodney Fuller


Reflections on HCI '94 - A Student Perspective
Ben Anderson, Rachel Croft and David Fulton
Analyzing and Communicating Usability Data
Nandini P. Nayak, Debbie Mrazek & David R. Smith
Blaine Price, Brad Blumenthal, Laura Leventhal
Making the Annual CHI Conference Environmentally Sound
Rory Stuart and Shelly Dews


Pointing in Entertainment-Oriented Environments: Appreciation versus Performance
J.H.D.M. Westerink and K. van den Reek
Blazing the Trail: Design Considerations for Interactive Information Pioneers
Jafar Nabkel and Eviatar Shafrir
An Overview of Portable GUI Software
Wade Guthrie


Ted White, 1947 - 1994
Gerrit van der Veer
Calls for Papers
CHI '95: New Challenges in Human Computer Interaction
Peter Stevens
CHI '95 Workshops and Research Symposium
Views and Feelings
Steven Pemberton

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.27 No.1, January 1995
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