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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.27 No.4, October 1995
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October 1995

Table of Contents

From the Editor


From the Chairs: The New Executive Committee
Jim Miller and Mike Atwood
Visual Interaction Design: Visual Designer's Notes: CHI '95
Peter Vanags
Local SIGs: The Rocky Mountain Climbing Challenge
Marian Williams
Students: The CHI Student Volunteer Program
Pia J. Nielsen, G. Bowden Wise, Karen J. Horwitz
Standards: Voice-Messaging Standard Completes Its Journey
Pat Billingsley
Education: Looking for Footprints: Evaluation Issues in HCI Education
Jean Gasen


Collecting User Information on a Limited Budget
Alison Popowicz
Increasing Collaboration between Industry and Academia in HCI Education
Maxine S. Cohen, Laurie P. Dringus, Andrew Sears, Susan B. Hornstein
From "Model World" to "Magic World"
Loren Terveen, Markus Stolze, Will Hill
HCI Challenges in Government Contracting
Ira Winkler and Elizabeth Buie
Right Sizing and International View Points: The CHI '95 Research Symposium
Janni Nielsen and Cathleen Wharton
The CHI '95 Doctoral Consortium
Catherine Marshall
How Can Networked Users Provide Their Own Usability Feedback? A CHI '95 SIG Report
Bruce Elgin


Methods, Models and Architectures for Graphical User Interface Design
Alistair Sutcliffe, Len Bass, Gilbert Cockton, Andrew Monk and Ian Newman
PPIG-7: The Seventh Annual Workshop of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group
Diane H. Sonnenwald
HCIL's 12th Annual Symposium and Open House
Wendy A. Kellogg and John C. Thomas


Mapping the Discourse of HCI Researchers with Citation Analysis
Thomas W. Dillon
Network Issues in the Growth and Adoption of Networked CSCW Services
Roel Vertegaal and Steve Guest
Getting It Across: Layout Issues for Kiosk Systems
Jan Borchers, Oliver Deussen and Clemens Knörzer


New Publications
Usability Engineering
Book Review by Rodney Fuller
Practical User Interface Design
Book Review by Larry Wood
A Guide to Usability: Human Factors in Computing
Book Review by Maxine Cohen


The Real World
Lon Barfield
Views and Feelings
Steven Pemberton

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.27 No.4, October 1995
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