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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.30 No.1, January 1998
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January 1998

From the Editor: A Curtain Falls
Steven Pemberton


From the Chairs: Keeping Current on SIGCHI
Mike Atwood
Education: New Perspectives on HCI Education
Andrew Sears
HCI Education and Its Role in Industrial Engineering
Julie A. Jacko
Standards: Medical Applications and Documentation
Harry E. Blanchard
Visual Interaction Design: The Orchestration Age
Kim Vonder Haar
Students: ECSCW'97 Doctoral Colloquium
Zsolt Haag & Leysia Palen
Local SIGs: Diversity Within Unity
Richard I. Anderson
Kids and Computers: My Kid Doesn't Need A Computer
Allison Druin


Putting It All Together: Towards a Pattern Language for Interaction Design
Elisabeth Bayle, Rachel Bellamy, George Casaday, Thomas Erickson, Sally Fincher, Beki Grinter, Ben Gross, Diane Lehder, Hans Marmolin, Brian Moore, Colin Potts, Grant Skousen, John Thomas
Interactive Systems for Supporting the Emergence of Concepts and Ideas
Ernest Edmonds, Thomas Moran & Ellen Do
User Autonomy: Who Should Control What and When?
Batya Friedman and Workshop Participants
Time and the Web
Alan Dix
Visualizing Personal Histories
Ben Shneiderman
You Need a Psychologist to Teach HCI Correctly to a Computer Scientist
Paul Chesson


IT Outsourcing: Some Implications for Building Usable IT Systems
Robert Pedlow and Anne Miller
Computers Versus Humans
Milan E. Soklic


User-Centered Requirements: The Scenario-Based Engineering Process
Book Review by Jill A. Loukides
An HCI Reading List
Andrew Sears


Adhoc Committee on ACM Societies: Draft Report
SIGCHI Conferences
Gerrit C. van der Veer
SIGCHI Kits for Students
Report on the Financial Status of ACM SIGCHI
Jean Scholtz
CHI 98: A Conference Preview
Peter Stevens
CHI 98 Workshops
The Real World: Snoozing
Lon Barfield
Views and Feelings: Flags are not Languages
Steven Pemberton

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SIGCHI Bulletin
Vol.30 No.1, January 1998
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