The SIGCHI Bulletin

The Scope of The SIGCHI Bulletin

The scope of Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI) is the study of human factors in the human-computer interaction process, including research, design, development, and evaluation of interactive computing systems. The focus is on human communication and interaction with computer systems. SIGCHI provides a forum for the exchange of ideas among computer scientists, behavioral and cognitive scientists, system designers, and end users, and it serves as a clearing house of information for the field of human factors and user psychology research and development.

The SIGCHI Bulletin (ISSN 0736-6906) is SIGCHI's main publication, and features columns, reports, articles and news on the subject of Computer-Human Interaction.

The Bulletin is published quarterly, and sent to all members of SIGCHI. To join, go to the ACM Living Publications and Services Catalogue or contact the ACM at