The SIGCHI Bulletin

How to submit to the SIGCHI Bulletin

The SIGCHI Bulletin is produced electronically right up to the camera-ready stage. Therefore electronic submissions are greatly preferred.


The deadline for each issue is 3 months before the first day of the month of the issue, i.e.

  • 1 October for the January issue
  • 1 January for the April issue
  • 1 April for the July issue
  • 1 July for the October issue
  • though you should bear in mind with time-sensitive material like calls, that because of postal delays many readers don't get their copies until a month or more after the cover date.


    Free-standing submissions should normally be between 800 and 10000 words long.

    Submissions should include a short biography of the authors and contact addresses, including email.


    Please remember that the Bulletin is read by an international audience:

    Many readers take offence at the use of gender-specific language, such as using "he" and "his" for the general case. It is surprisingly easy to rephrase sentences to avoid this, even without using ugly expedients like "he/she" "he or she" or "s/he", for instance by using the plural. In general we will edit text to be gender non-specific.


    Any consistent English spelling is acceptable (US, British, Australian, etc.)


    Please do not number headings. Nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs should be capitalised.


    The Bulletin prefers to use `rational' punctuation, that is to say, we put punctuation where logic would lead you to expect it to be. For instance, we use "word", and not "word," to punctuate quoted text. However if you prefer to use the US standard of putting the punctuation within the quotes, we won't change it.

    We do not put double spaces between sentences. We will change this if there are double spaces.

    Extra Information

    Please include a section headed "About the Author(s)" with a short biography of the authors. Please also include a section "Author's Address" with contact information, including email address. Don't forget to include your country, and international dialling code if you include telephone numbers.


    Text can be accepted as


    It is usually useful if you also supply us with the images you use separately. GIF format is acceptable, but we can accept a number of other formats.

    Images can be accepted as:

  • Postscript
  • GIF
  • PM / PBM (Raw and ASCII) / PPM
  • X11 Bitmap / XBM / XPM/ XWD
  • Sun rasterfile
  • BMP
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • or at a pinch:
  • Macintosh PICT Graphics
  • Computer Graphics Metafile
  • CalComp 960
  • AutoCAD Interchange Format
  • Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language
  • Initial Graphics Exchange Specification Class I and II
  • Transmission

    In order of preference, submissions can be Please bear in mind that we receive many submissions all at once around the time of a deadline, and it can take us several days to work through them. Please don't expect an immediate acknowledgment.

    Acceptable packaging of submissions:

  • MIME
  • compress
  • arc / lharc
  • zip / gzip
  • shar
  • zoo
  • binhex
  • uuencode
  • btoa
  • Please note that the files are not being read in on their original machines. We don't for instance have easy access to a Macintosh or PC, just programs to convert their files. This means, for instance, that we can't easily accept `self-unpacking' files.


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    Telephone: +31-20-592 4138
    Fax: +31-20-592 4199
    Email: (please use this address, and not a personal one, since it allows easier filtering, and easier transition to a new editor).